Leg Cuff Deer Drag from All-In Outdoors

My Leg Cuff from All-In Outdoors

My Leg Cuff from All-In Outdoors

I came across a new product from All In Outdoors this past weekend at the Harrisburg, PA Great American Outdoor called the Leg Cuff. The fall can’t come soon enough to put this baby to work… unless I hit a deer with my truck this summer and need to drag Bambi off the roadway and into my truck bed. I’m just saying. (Top states to bag a deer with your car)

The Leg cuff is a revolutionary approach to a simple concept. Dragging a deer out of the field is often less than desirable but a necessary evil for all hunters alike. It shouldn’t be a punishment, you just scored! This product can help. The design allows the front legs of the animal to be pinned up above its head. It works on both a buck or a doe and because of the positioning, allows the center of gravity of the animal to shift forward making it easier to drag along. It also keeps the antlers of a trophy animal well off of the ground.

This Product is Unique

What makes this product special is its compact design and its ease of use. Its versatility allows a user to drag by hand, with a friend, or with an ATV. Tying a rope around the neck or antler of your animal it usually the preferred method, but the ease of this product changes the game.

Leg cuff 1

This product is for “successful” hunters whether you hunt alone or with a friend. If you hunt off the beaten trail, this product will make your drag easier. Whether you drag by hand or with ATV assistance, this product can adapt. Wheeled deer carts are a popular option these days but often struggle in thicker woods and rough terrain. This product can fill that gap dragging up or down hills, or even through a small stream. You can even attached an additional set of leg cuffs to the rear legs of the animal for extra leverage.

I think the fact that such a small, lightweight, and compact product can make such a noticeable difference in deer hunter’s lives is exciting. It is also designed to fit all sizes and species of deer, elk, pronghorn, antelope and caribou. For an elk or caribou however, you will defintely want to still consider asking a friend to help you Muscles are not included in the package. The current color options include brown, orange, and pink. I supposed you could use this “legs over head method” of drag with plain rope and tie the deer’s legs tightly together, but with this product, there are no knots to tie (which the Air Force guys should appreciate). The website is still being updated with new information,  but hopefully they will soon have some more videos of the Leg Cuff in action. All-In Outdoors’ Facebook page does have some more media feeds, so check ’em out! I also heard inside rumors that more designs may be on the way for hogs and turkeys, which would be fantastic. The Leg Cuff is also 100% made in the USA and carries a lifetime warranty.

The product is hitting the market at $19.95 and can be found on amazon and eBay as well. Additional accessories are coming up soon on the site to include a carrying case and ATV rack strap. Tag’Em & Drag ‘Em!

Tag em and drag em

The above review does not imply endorsement of the Leg-Cuff product by the United States Coast Guard, the Department of Homeland Security, or the United States Government.

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