Keckler Knives Kids Trigger Knife Kits

kids trigger knife kitsA couple of months ago Keckler Knives sent my boys a surprise for christmas. In the box we received two of the Kids Trigger Knife Kits and my kids couldn’t have been happier and more excited to get started putting them together.

To my suppress everything that was needed to assemble the Kids Trigger knife was inside the package so we sat down at the table and got to work assembling them. My 12yo and 4yo made quick work of this unique jigsaw puzzle. Before we knew it both Keckler Knives Kids Trigger Knife Kits were together and the smiles said the rest.

Kids Trigger Knife Kits

After the assembly I took out my Cordovan Klecker Knife to trim off some of the burs left by twisting off the plastic pieces. Cleaning off the burrs left the handles and the knife blade smooth. Other than the dull point on these knifes, I find them as safe as a training knife can be. There is no way for a child to cut himself or herself with one of these knifes. These knifes offer something that I wish I had as a kid, A knife to learn the handling basics. Any child that receives one of these knifes will be better off in the future for it. Nothing that I can say will explain more than the pictures of my kids during the process and they still carry them around to this day! The Kids Trigger Knife Kits are so easy a 4yo can do it!

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