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How to Introduce Your Military Wife to Hunting

Woman hunter with gun in spring forest

Woman hunter with gun in spring forest

She said she wants to go hunting with you! Can you blame her? You’ve just returned from a training mission and now you’re leaving again to go hunting. Military families already spend so much time apart. Plus, can you think of a better way to spend time with your military wife or girlfriend than a hunt in the wild?

Fall, especially, brings many opportunities for hunting choice game because of the number of seasons opening. If your wife or girlfriend is at all open to the idea of going hunting, why not introduce her to the sport in the fall. Nothing better than good huntin’ buddy, right?

Why Fall Is Best

Fall is known as harvest time for crops and wildlife. The season is seen as an opportunity by most wildlife management departments to thin a particular population before winter and preserving resources like food and water during the winter months. Additionally, fall brings beautiful scenery and cooler temperatures. Being in the wilderness during the fall is relaxing, refreshing and therapeutic, making for a pleasant hunting experience.

Make It Enjoyable For Your Military Wife

military wifeFor starters, introduce your wife or girlfriend to hunting by planning an easy area and easy game to target. Navigating the terrain shouldn’t be too exhausting and, similarly, don’t pursue game that is too elusive or difficult to tag; squirrel, waterfowl and turkey are great starting points. Next, do your best to avoid hunting in inclement weather or too early or late in the day. Feeling uncomfortable is never a great introduction to an activity. Speaking of comfort, make sure she’s outfitted with the right clothing and equipment, including a firearm that suits her. Lastly, let your military wife or girlfriend learn hunting her way, whether it’s through shadowing you or by letting her take the lead while you observe and give pointers.

Making the first trip as comfortable and enjoyable as possible is the best way to start a new tradition as a couple. Also, nothing builds a bond like working as a team in the wild.

Hunting on Base

Some of the best hunting grounds are located on military installations. The U.S. military controls over 25 million acres of bases and training areas in the lower 48 states that serve as prime habitats for a variety of species, including upland birds, waterfowl, deer, elk, turkey, wild pigs and more. As usual, you will have to do some paperwork and undergo training to procure a permit to hunt on base. Contact your public information office or see if your base has a hunting information page on their website.

Military Installations for Hunting

Scope out these examples of military bases and what they have to offer hunters.

Fort Polk Army Base, Louisiana- Small game and birds, as well as whitetail deer and wild hogs, can be found on approximately 126,300 acres of the base open to hunting. During a training exercise, many acres will be off-limits to hunters.

Blue Grass Army Depot, Kentucky- You will have to apply online to hunt on this 15,000-acre installation. A lottery system is used to gaining opportunities to for deer, dove, turkey, waterfowl and rabbit. Trophy deer are 15-inch minimum width restriction for bucks.

United States Military Academy, New York- This 16,000-acre installation has hunting opportunities that include uplands birds, waterfowl, turkey and whitetail deer. Hunting is generally open to both military personnel and civilians.

Briefing Close

As a member of the armed forces, hunting provides a fantastic opportunity to get some much-needed R&R. If your significant other has expressed an interest in hunting, why not take your Military Wife along to make some memories and enjoy the sport together?

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