Indiana hunting Star Jody L Davies Facing Charges

Indiana hunting star’s Jody L Davies Marsteller 47 and Sarah Ross 32 ae facing multiple counts of hunting deer over bait for there 2015, 2016, and 2017 hunting seasons. Along with the charges for hunting over bait both women will be charged with the illegal taking of deer.

Jody L Davies Rise to Stardom

Jody L DaviesAfter the taking of two trophy class whitetail bucks from Parke and Putmnam counties back n 2015/2016, Jody L Davies Marsteller was featured in many prominent outdoor magazines. Outdoor life featured a full account of both hunts as told by Jody. During her 2015 season she took a massive 13pt, a Boone and Crockett buck with 198?³/8 total inches and a net score of 170?4/8. Feeling the pressure in 2016 she took a tough shot at an 10pt that grosses 187 3/8 and nets 180 7/8. Although they recovered the deer, they had to wait 12 hrs for the deer to bleed out due to shot placement.


Shortly after being picked up on the social web she started filming for a hunting television show. Im sure that the added pressure of the show and mantaining her huntin status had an impact on her decisions on her 2017 hunt. Its not clear if she had recieved sponsors other than the show, but as we all know huntng shows put the pressure on for preformance.

Davies Marsteller’s fall from grace

Over the past three years Indiana Conservation officers have closely been mongering the baited areas, and documenting the offenses throughout.

When the DNR finally decided to press charges in 2017 a crossbow and additional evidence was seized at the scene of the hunt. Although at this time no charges are being filed for the deer taken in 2015 and 2016.

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