Ideal Conceal Smartphone Gun, Genius or Problematic?

ideal conceal 2A new Concealed Carry gun has hit the market and is making a big splash. You have probably even seen images of this weapon called the Ideal Conceal .380. Offering many features that have traditionally been available in derringers but in a new way in the shape and look of a smartphone!

Ideal Conceal Features

First and fore most the biggest advantage of this Smartphone Gun is just that, it looks like a smartphone. When the gun is in the folded position it not only looks like a smartphone but it prints like a smartphone in your pocket. With the double barrel over under .380 that looks like accessory jacks for headphones and a stylus. Offering a lightweight One-Piece Frame claiming to be a simple design with trouble free operation. Featuring a removable clip or external carry case claiming to provide ease of carry solutions.

Smartphone Gun A Good Idea?

ideal concealI am a strong proponent for innovation and see that bold steps have a way to change the industry. Take the Taurus Curve for instance. The Taurus Curve shook up the industry with an innovative design showing that bold changes can present huge profits in the gun industry. But when it comes to the Ideal Conceal .380 I see it less as a innovative design and more as a outfit change.

The smartphone gun will offer those that cannot easily conceal carry an additional option and hiding in plain sight is a better option than not carrying at all. Industries such as home sales where salesman and women are meeting clients often that they have no information on in a location that they are not protected this is a huge advantage! This also offers an option for people that do not work in a gun friendly work space such as Starbucks for instance.

Ideal Conceal Design

ideal conceal on the streetsI see the design of this gun as two fold. The added invisibility defiantly do not outweigh functionality and that is where I see this gun having the most problems. Having a folding handle that requires an extra second to unfold is its biggest downfall. That extra second that it takes to unfold the handle and aim the gun may be the difference between your life and death. The second problem I see is not with the owner of the gun but with people that don’t know that it is a gun.

I see the hidden nature as a cellphone to be just the thing that will draw children to want to check it out. More than another gun on the market the Ideal Conceal will be a target for children in our technology driven society. Children today not only see a phone and know instantly that it is a source of games and entertainment and i fear that when this gun is left unattended that there will be an incident that cannot be reversed.

Ideal Conceal Smartphone Gun Conclusion

Although this innovative new gun is sure to make waves I’m just hoping that it is not the wrong waves for the Concealed Carry industry. Although the gun sales will be the ultimate indicator of what the market craves I see this gun coming from the factory requiring added responsibility for the owners to maintain positive control and to ensure proper storage. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Ideal Concealed Smartphone Gun in the comments and social media.

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