Hunting Video Games!?

hunting video game and how they help usAs I was sitting on the couch today watching my son-playing Halo it got me thinking. I remembered reading a study that showed that Video games (FPS: First Person Shooters) had the ability to improve a person’s hand eye coordination. This brought another thought into my head “Does playing video games make me a better hunter” and what about hunting video games?

As a hunter we are already in tune with nature more than the average person, but could we get a little more advantage in the woods by playing video games? On average I play around 2-4 hrs of FPS video games every week. So let’s look at how video games help improve our skills versus Deer reaction time and see if we can find an advantage that will help us in the woods.

hunting video gamesWe will use me as an example.

Based on a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, video games change the average person’s brain. On average a person that plays video games can make decisions 25% faster than the average person. Most highly adept gamers have the ability to make choices up to six times a second and act on them! That is impressive considering that is four times faster than the average person.

Let’s take a minute and think about how making decisions 25% faster and more correct can help us in the woods. Just from personal experience, that last minute adjustment to your aim or grip makes all the difference. Think about how being able to adjust your sight picture six times a second would help you make that perfect shot and put you on target every time! i.e.… while looking at the target through the scope you subconsciously make minute adjustments because you have become more aware of leave, grass and target movement.

FPS Video games

Video games, especially FPS video games, help improve your vision and tracking skills. On average a video game player can track 20 objects more than the average person without getting confused. Based on a study conducted by McMaster University Video games train your vision to spot minute details that the average person would miss. This gives a hunter the advantage of spotting his prey in the woods. Playing video games that require focus straight ahead while tracking what is happening on the periphery like Call of Duty creates an improvement in picking out details from high and low contrast colors!

Hunting Video Games

Video games do not only improve your vision and decision making they also give you the ability to multi task longer than the average person. Typically, in people that don’t play games, their reaction time is 30 percent longer than those that do by about 200 milliseconds. For instance;

…400 milliseconds — is the time in which the fastest baseball pitches reach a strike zone (1)

So you are 15% more apt to strikeout!

The average video game players reaction time is somewhere around 10 milliseconds. That is a huge difference in the ability to multitask.

So can videogames help us in the field?

In conclusion, I think that casual game play has improved my abilities as a hunter. I am more adept at recognizing changes in my environment, tracking 20 moving targets, make decisions 6 times a second and react within 10 milliseconds of making a decision. All of this combines to make me a more successful hunter. I am more accurate at placing shots with precision. I am able to spot my prey from a distance while getting ready to make that perfect shot. I can focus longer than the average person to make sure everything is perfect.

I can tell you this, when I look down the skip of my rifle, everything else in the world fades away and it’s just pure focus. Every move I make and every decision is based on placing that perfect shot. If you don’t get that level of focus when you go to make that shot, maybe utilizing video games will improve your focus. It’s working for me, so far! Its all thanks to hunting video games.

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