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Hunting Balloons — A Fun, Safe Day with Christmas BB Guns

I’ll admit, I’ve not always been a fan of BB guns.  They can either be a dangerous toy, or an awesome tool for teaching gun safety and basic hunting techniques.  When the grandsons started asking for them at Christmas, the Papaw just couldn’t say no…with some conditions.  I’ve taken great pains to convey to the kids that their BB guns are real guns, just like Papaw’s shotguns and dad’s AR.  I also want them have fun shooting them. We spent the summer shooting cans and clay pigeons.  The boys have done a good job learning the safety lessons that accompany each shooting session, so this weekend I decided to take them to the “woods”.  We went balloon hunting.

Our quarry would be balloons with a little chalk dust added.  Between the satisfying POP and the little puff of blue dust, they would make for a fun target.  While the boys got dressed and ready, I planted our targets along the 4-wheeler path that runs thru the brushy field behind the house.  Its one of the areas we deer hunt, so the boys would get a better sense of “hunting”.  Once the targets were set, and a brief gun safety session, we hit the field.  This brief video shares some of the fun.

With a little imagination, BB guns can be safe and fun tools for teaching our kids outdoor responsibility.  For exactly $1, we had an hour or so of fun that the boys will be begging to repeat soon.

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