Gun Control Gone Viral

gun controlNot even hours after the latest tragedy at a FL Bar Senators, Congressmen, and even the Administration were calling for Gun Control with press conferences, Tweets and Facebook posts. Don’t get me wrong the events that unfolded were a tragedy.

This past week we have seen more in the way to further requests for more control measures then we have seen for the past two years. Just a week prior the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Concluded that the right to conceal carry is not covered under the 2nd amendment.

Where Does This Leave Outdoorsmen?

If you are a law abiding citizen then these matters should not have much of a consequence from what is currently being requested. The Request to further require background checks at gun Shows and internet sales should have already been required if buying from any reptile FFL Dealer. Although these two requirements of Gun Control may inconvenience us as outdoorsmen and women but it would have done nothing and will do nothing to prevent a major terror attack.

Gun Control and Terror Watch List

All kinds of different handguns displayed on green background for sale

One of the new major proposals is that members of the FBI’s Terror Watch list be restricted from purchasing firearms. Although this may seem as a common since measure to prevent mass shootings and terror attacks if runs dangerously close to violating the 2nd Amendment without do prosecution in a court system. Although the current terror watch list has some administrative process to ensure that lists are correctly identified and not dully placed on this list, that current process is in no way designed to remove the rights of citizens of the USA in a legal capacity.

Although these Gun Control measures are encroachments on our rights to bare arms. The worst is yet to come with the US election process in full swing and more events such as those in orlando on the rise.

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