Ground Blind Hunting And You

ground blind huntingYear after year I hear the same story about how a hunter has fallen from a tree stand and suffered this and that injury. I myself have fallen out of a tree stand a few years ago and that experience has changed my views on many things in the outdoors. Although hunting from a tree stand can be productive and offer a better view of your environment, Ground blind Hunting offers some very distinct advantage.

Ground Blind Advantages

Mastering the art of brushing in a ground blind can take its time. But once you have it down pat you are offered all the advantages of the ground blind. When the temp drops and all your buddies are freezing in the trees you will be a little warmer do to the thermal mass of the earth. You are also no longer restricted to what you can place in your pack. You now can bring all the comforts of home, including the kids and the wife for that first time hunt! With the added walls kids can wiggle and giggle all they want inside the blind until its time for the action to happen. With all that added room inside the ground blind you can bring a whole production crew or make a DIY video with multiple camera angles. Ground blinds are limitless as long as you take the proper time to care for their placement.

Private land Ground Blind Hunting

As with any blind, the ground blind is all about concealment. Where a Tree Stand offers concealment through height, A Ground blind offers it through walls. Ground Blinds require that you brush in your location. For private land you are afforded the ability to build up your location over time and leave your blind in the field for the local fauna to get use to. With private land you are most likely afforded closeness to the location and the travel requirements are null and void.

Public Land Ground Blind Hunting

ground blind huntingAs with many things, hunting public land in a ground blind can be risky and cumbersome. Public Land hunting poses its own set of problems, be it thieves or people encroaching on your hunting area it’s not for the light hearted. Leaving any item on public land be it a trail cam, tree stand, or ground blind you are running the risk of it coming up missing when you return for your hunt. With not leaving you Ground Blind in place for the wild life to get use to, the best day to hunt is the first day that you place it! You will also want to take added precautions such as leaving in the shoot through netting helping blend your blind into the natural environment.

Ways Around Lost Gear

Losing an expensive piece of hunting equipment can be devastating to your average budget hunter. Not all of us have the extra cash to replace a ground blind on a regular basis. With a little scouting and pre planning you can eliminate a lose or greatly reduce the investment in your ground blind. Downed trees and brush piles make for great natural blinds and with an added piece of camo burlap that can be purchased anywhere will be just as cozy as the expensive big box equivalent. Burlap offers a bonus on top of a normal ground blind because of the reduced weight that you have to bring in and out of the field.

Pore Mans Pit

ground blind huntingWhen I was younger and hunting the Wild and Wonderful hills of West Virginia we use to use the pit method. Although we didn’t dig pits we used the ditches and natural formations in the hills and logging roads the method is the same. Being in the hole greatly reduces your sent pattern and almost eliminates your silhouette provided you stay put in the hole. Although this method works it is by far the most uncomfortable and if the weather turns you could find yourself in a little swamp. In an related thought I wonder if a snow fort would work much of that same?

As you can see Ground Blind Hunting does not require fancy equipment or extensive effort. With the added benefits and reduced risk it is a highly effective way of harvesting this year’s trophies for the wall. Although ground blinds aren’t the most popular or publicized option they still remain among the best for the budget hunter and private land owner. When properly deployed, Ground Blind Hunting can offer superior concealment although that does not mean you can’t get busted.

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