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Canada-goose-hunting-tipsGoose Hunting does not get the recognition that it deserves. With a hunting season that is crammed in with Ducks and Deer Goose hunting is a niche sport for those that really want to go. There is estimated to be around 3.5 to 5 million resident geese spread across the US. With wingspans from 3 to 6ft and weighing up to 18 pounds makes a big fun target. So here are some goose hunting Tips that will help you get afield and into the sport.

All over the country we are seeing ever increasing resident populations of geese that are creating huge economic problems from eating farmers crops, causing airport delays and crashes, and defecating to the point of polluting the waterways. Giving way to more and more tags every year!

Running from early August to late September and some spring seasons leaves many different approaches that can be used to hunt geese from Open water on lakes and rivers to hunting freshly cut corn fields.

Goose hunting tips the basics

goose hunting gearGoose hunting does not have to be expensive, but like many things hunting it can be! Clothing that can withstand the cold and sometimes wet conditions is a must for goose hunting. Chest waders warm jacket and gloves will go a long way to combat the cold conditions on the water and in the field. Goose hunting requires a minimum of two dozen decoys with feeders, sentinels and sleepers. A couple different calls and knowing how to use them will go a long way too.

Starting Young

Getting newer hunters or a veteran out in the field for goose hunting is a great opportunity to share the sport. In the early season there is lots of birds and warm weather leaving a lot of excess gear in the truck. Between flocks you don’t have to worry so much about kids movements and it is a great way for them to gain skills and understanding of how hunting works.

Look for other Water Fowlers

Finding a good group of hunting buddies that know the area and the birds can help you game go a long way. Often times the company that you share will become some of the best memories that you will have. Other water fowlers may have some secret goose hunting tips specific to your area that you didn’t know before.

Hunt weekends

Weekend warriors is what you are looking for. The more hunters in the fields the better your odds are. More pressure on the geese means that they will have to search for feeding ground and have to look for safe locations. With a natural looking decoy spread you may be what the geese are looking for!

Need land?

Ask your local DNR office if they know of any available or if they know of good goose hunting locations. Often times DNR officials will know what local farms are having issues with geese or special hunting areas that need reduced geese population that you would not know of otherwise. All in all it never hurts to ask. You never know you might be the one that DNR call when they find them selves with the next goose problem.

Goose Hunting Tactics

goose hunting blindMany duck hunters will mix in a couple of goose decoys on the off chance to get a shot at a fly by flock. Because duck loads are often on the light side for goose hunting don’t be surprised if the pellets don’t penetrated the thick down coat that keep these geese warm.

If you don’t have access to a boat then a cornfield and a friendly farmer may be the way to go.Because geese can wreak havoc on crops many farmers will allow a respectable hunter to hang out in his field to take care of the problem. All you have to do is ask. Some of the farmers that are experienced goose hunters will often times leave a row of corn standing at the end of the field to help conceal themselves.

In the field a good ground blind or coffin blind is the way to go. Positioning yourself in the middle of the action with only your eyes exposed until the geese fly in. With the geese landing around you often feet away all you will have to do is sit up and shoot.

Like all things goose hunting is a lot of work. So start making your plans or just hit the field. A bad day goose hunting is always better than a good day at work! So get out there and give these goose hunting tips a try and you may even pick up some of your own along the way!

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