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Active Duty Military

Military persons on active status stationed at a military base in Georgia and their immediate family members may purchase a resident fishing license. This includes full-time military personnel on active duty who list Georgia as their home of record in their official military file (with documented proof). A current military I.D. and verifiable proof of being stationed at a Georgia military installation must be shown when purchasing a resident fishing license.

Disabled Veterans

Georgia offers a free Disability Hunting and Fishing License for permanently and totally disabled Georgia residents. This license is a full privilege Sportsman’s license. The Disability License must be renewed every three years to include recertification of disability status.

The Disability Hunting and Fishing License cannot be obtained or renewed online – you will need to complete the Disability License Application form and mail it and supporting documents to the address on the form. Additional information and instruction for completing the form are on the back of the application. To receive only a fishing license, fill in your initials on the space on the front of the form that indicates you want only a fishing license.

You will need to send the following with your completed application:

1. Either:

  • If veteran’s affairs certified your disability- a copy of the Veterans Affair’s letter stating that you are 100% disabled, or one of the other documents listed in the application. The letter or document needs to be dated within the last year, and rather than being date stamped have a date included in the letter. If you are using the Veterans Affairs letter, the application describes a procedure near the bottom of the front page after “Veterans Office:” that we have worked out with the Veterans Office to request an acceptable Hunting and Fishing License Authorization Letter with an included date – please show them this section of the application if they are unfamiliar with the procedure.


  • If the Social Security Administration certified your disability, you may send us a copy of the BPQY form (SSA-2459) AND the BPQY cover letter (SSAL634) dated within the past year. You may obtain these from the Social Security Office by calling , and ask for a BPQY (SSA-2459) form and cover letter (SSA-L634).

2. AND
Proof of Georgia residency which may be a copy of a state issued identification card, a voter’s registration card, your driver’s license or a current automobile registration.

More information about document requirements is available on the Disability Hunting and Fishing License.


Note: Click here for full information on residency requirements for license purchases and information on who is required to have a license.

Some good reasons to buy a fishing license

Your purchase of a fishing license helps support the following Fisheries Section programs. If you want to support fisheries management and conservation of Georgia’s aquatic resources, buy a fishing license today!

  • Management: Fish populations are monitored and managed in over 500,000 acres of reservoirs and small lakes, 12,000 miles of streams and rivers, and over 4,000 miles of trout streams.
  • Hatcheries: six warmwater hatcheries produce largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, channel catfish, striped bass, hybrid striped-white bass, and other species to stock into reservoirs, rivers, and ponds; three trout hatcheries stock over 1 million trout into trout streams.
  • Public Fishing Areas: over 2,000 acres of water on nine PFAs provide quality fishing for bass, bream, crappie, and catfish. PFAs are “perfect family areas” for family recreation. License sales help build new PFAs!
  • Boat Ramps: 150 boat ramps are maintained statewide. New ramps are built each year to provide better access for all boaters.
  • Aquatic Education: over 30,000 kids and their parents fish at over 500 Kids Fishing Events each year. Many are kids that have not experienced good fishing. Over 1,200 educators are trained and provided teaching materials each year to teach youth about Georgia’s aquatic resources.
  • Publications: Reservoir and Rivers Fishing Prospects, Small Lakes Open to Public Fishing, Georgia Fish ID book, Pond Management books, Trout Streams of Georgia map, Fishing Regulations book, River maps, and many others are printed and mailed to thousands each year.
  • Fish Kills and Pollution: because of Fisheries staff investigations the culprit is often brought to justice and fined.

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