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Gearing up for Gobblers

Spring gobbler season begins on May 3rd in Pennsylvania and I have been gearing up for my first turkey hunt. It is a pretty exciting time that I like to refer to as "Total Turkey Turmoil." The shopping began at the Great American Outdoor Show, held in Harrisburg, in February and will hopefully end with a trip to Grice Gun Shop on March 29th.  Swamp Creek Game Call won us over at the Great Americ2009an Outdoor Show with their demonstration and sales pitch and we purchased a turkey call package at their booth.  Shopping on Amazon has provided a ground blind, turkey decoys, and a pair of blind chairs.  My family has always hunted turkeys on the ground but I decided that I would like to try a ground blind for my first hunt.  Turkeys have excellent eye sight and I will feel more comfortable hidden in a blind. Sunday (March 16th) night's huntchat on Twitter was about using ground blinds and I picked up some good tips from the conversation.  Choosing and preparing the perfect spot to place your blind is very important in having a successful hunt.  Setting your blind up and practicing hunting out of it is also a great tip.  Huntchat takes place every Sunday and Wednesday night at 9PM EST on Twitter.  If you are new to Twitter and do not understand how to follow along with huntchat, just ask and one of us will help you learn how to join in on the fun!

I al004so bought some items from some companies that I interact with on Facebook and Twitter.  I was introduced to Natural Camo Face Paint while duck hunting in January and I liked their product.  I ordered their spring kit from their website.  SOS Gear is a company that I interact with on Twitter and I ordered a turkey tote from their website.  I plan on doing product reviews on the products that I have purchased after I put them to the test during turkey season.  If you have a company and do not participate on the social media sights, you may want to look into joining to give your products more exposure.  Twitter and Facebook provide an easy way to showcase your products and interact with customers from all over the world.

I borrowed a Remington 870 12 gauge from my brother when I went duck hunting and quickly realized that a semi-automatic would be a better choice.  I enjoyed the duck hunt and chose to start turkey hunting also.  I decided that I wanted to buy a shotgun instead of borrowing one.  I started researching online to find a shotgun that would be good for duck and turkey hunting.  I looked at many shotguns while attending the Great American Outdoor Show.  Stock length is very important to me because I am only 5'1" tall and shorter stocks fit me better. I stopped at the Remington booth and picked up a Versa Max 12 gauge shotgun and fell in love. To make a long story short, I can't wait to make a trip to Grice Gun Shop in Clearfield, Pennsylvania for their 30th anniversary sale! Grice Gun Shop is offering a few versions of the Versa Max at a great sale price and I can't wait to get there and pick one out!

Gearing up for gobblers is a very exciting time!  I don't know why I have waited so many years to start hunting ducks and turkeys, but I am glad that I am learning and preparing for many new adventures.  You are never too old to learn something new!  Stay tuned for more "Total Turkey Turmoil" stories in the near future.    019



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Hello, my name is Amy and I have lived in Central Pennsylvania all of my life. I was born into a family of outdoorsmen, hunting and fishing have always been part of my life. My dad started taking me hunting with him when I was a little girl. He also taught me how to fish for trout in local creeks. The first day of deer season and the first day of trout season were like holidays in our household. My grandfather enjoyed trapping and as a teenager I often went along with him to check the traps. Raccoons, red fox, and grey fox were harvested from the traps in the woods and muskrats were harvested from the traps by the Juniata River. I have many fond memories of trapping with my grandfather. I have enjoyed hunting small game and hunting whitetail deer in rifle season over the years. This year I am branching out and trying some new things. I went duck hunting in January and enjoyed it very much. I went spring gobbler hunting in May and loved it! I purchased a crossbow and will be entering the woods for white-tailed deer during archery season for the first time in October. I enjoy sharing my love of the outdoors with my family. Camping and kayaking are popular activities. I love to hunt and fish with my three nephews and my grandson. My two granddaughters enjoy fishing and hopefully they will show interest in hunting in the future. They love to go spotlighting for deer, and hopefully someday they will love to go hunting for them also.
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