FL Expands Ban to Include Lionfish Breeding

lionfish breedingIn a meeting in Kissimmee wednesday the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to extend the Ban on Lionfish that took effect on Aug. 1st to include the International LionFish Breeding in captivity.  As we reported in July Here: http://militaryhuntingandfishing.com/florida-bans-lionfish-imports/ The lionfish is and invasive species that is disrupting the ecosystem in a major way on the east coast.

Lionfish Breeding Cycle

Lionfish are able to start breeding within a year of age. In stark contrast our native fish need to be between 3-5 years of age to start breeding. The average lionfish can breed every 4 days and produce 2 million eggs a year! There is no way that the native species can compete with the staggering growth and reproductive ability of the lionfish.

lionfish invasionLionfish Invasion

I truly believe that if we don’t stop this Lionfish Invasion before it kills of the native species of the East Coast we will have much bigger problems on our hands. Over the next couple of years you are going to see that this Lionfish Breeding is going to cause massive extinctions of the fish that we love in the waters of the USA. Please spread this post to help gain awareness to this pressing issue that we face without most of us even knowing about the Lionfish Invasion.





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