A Product review of electrolyte strips by Sportsfood Technologies.

A 3 pack of strips costs about $14.85

Rapid Dissolve Electrolyte Replacement Strips

Each packet come with twelve electrolyte strips. The instructions state to use two strips pre-workout and two strips post-workout. It was very hot, and we were working in the yard when I decided “Today is the day!”. I used two strips before (really) getting into the yard work. About an hour and half later I used one more strip, and an hour and half after that I used one more. Each time I used them while working in yard, I certainly noticed a nice “Pick me up.” And I did not feel dehydrated, at all. I did drink water while doing yard work. I noticed that I felt better using these than drinking only water.

These strips are not meant to replace water

Fire LineWhich brings me to my next point. These strips are not meant to replace water. Whenever you work your body harder than normal, you sweat. It doesn’t matter if your doing a P90X workout, fishing in the mid day sun, fighting wild land fires or hiking seventeen miles into Elk camp. When you sweat, you lose electrolytes. 

My husband would have LOVED to have had something like this when he fought wild land fires in Washington.

Because they have to pack in all of their fluids to stay hydrated while fighting fires. There are always cases of bottled water available in their trucks, but in the field they have to provide tier own sports drinks. Carrying several 32oz bottles adds a ton of weight to an already heavy pack while wearing heavy protective gear and working near heat. Having these strips available would have made a world of difference. I can see wild land firefighters attaching these strips to their water canteens with some Velcro. I know when we go out in the field, we pack a lot of stuff. Anytime I can replace a bulky yet necessary item with something comparable and compact, I’m a happy girl!

Heat from a wildland fires in WashingtonWith that being said, the applications for these electrolyte strips is endless;

  • Hunting-Fits in your pocket.
  • Fishing-Add to your tackle box.
  • Driving-Great for the center console, or your car emergency kit. 😉
  • Hiking
  • Firefighting-Attach to your water canteen with some Velcro.
  • First Responders-
  • Military Personnel-
  • Working out-Tape it or Velcro it your water bottle.
  • Kids sporting events
  • Don’t forget your four legged hunting buddy. But ask your vet about application and dosage first.

My Disclaimer I have not been reimbursed to provide this product review. Even if I had and the product was crap I would tell you as much. I do not provide positive product reviews for compensation. I enjoy trying these products, and if they do not meet my expectations or do not compare well to similar products on the market I would simply say so. It’s not fair to you or the company to provide a positive review when good criticsism can be beneficial to both. It’s not fair to expect a company to make changes to improve their products without honest feedback. In other words, they can’t fix something if they don’t know WHAT to fix.

Would I recommend these electrolyte strips to my friends and family?

Sportsfood Electrolyte Strips

  Yes, I would in a heartbeat. I would also give them a heads up that the taste has a little to be desired. They are little strong in the first few seconds, but it dissipates quickly. Since these are to help maintain hydration and knowing that the company is coming out with two new flavors soon, I do not count this against them. The benefits of the product outweigh the only area of improvement-taste. Besides, I think that they have done a great job here. So what if it’s a little strong at first, so is Crown but no one complains about that! Right?

How many “Antler Points”?

Well, this is a first for me but I would definitely give them an outstanding 10 out of 10 possible points!

Great job Sportsfood Technologies!!

Thank you for the opportunity to review your product.

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