Duck Hunting to Bow Hunting

Duck Hunting vs. Bow HuntingI started out duck hunting at a young age. I am now recently finding out that I am also good with a compound bow, let alone a shotgun. This last May, I bought a bow at Scheels All Sports and wanted to start bow hunting this year for turkey and deer.

Whether you are hunting alone or with a group of friends duck hunting is extremely challenging and fun. With over 60 subspecies of duck that range in size from 20-26 inches long and have a wingspan of 32 -39 inches it can be an incredible hunting experience. Ducks have strong short …

I took up archery classes to become a better shooter, read up on rules/regulations, and went shopping for tree camo hunting gear. It's so different going from waterfowl camo your whole life to tree camo.

Duck Hunting vs Bow Hunting

In duck hunting we didn't need scent killer, hiking boots, a tree stand, etc. But then again, there are major similarities. You still need a blind, face paint, calls and protective gear. Duck hunting gives you such a rush, when you see a duck flying over, you pop up in your blind and nail it out of the sky.

Out in the woods, you sit there, freezing your butt, being incredibly quiet waiting for a turkey or deer to walk by for you to take down. There is no better feeling than working so hard in months of preparation for the game your hunting. Either way, I love the hunt of both, whether it's in a duck blind or in a tree stand. Hunting will always be a passion of mine.

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Ashleigh Abner

About the Author:

I'm Ashleigh, almost 19 years young in December. Just graduated from Fargo South High School this last May. Born in North Dakota. Raised in lake country of Minnesota. I am now just about to start college at North Dakota State College of Science in Wahpeton, ND to become a diesel mechanic. Throughout high school I was very involved in athletics. I played basketball, and then later moved on to becoming a cheerleader for Varsity football and basketball for 4 years. I competed on the state competition cheer teams as well. We won 4 state titles. I was in 4H for a long time too, I participated in fair shows and volunteered in my free time. I also was in automotive, welding and woodshop courses. I love doing things not most girls do, just to prove that girls can do anything as long as they have the mind set to do it. I love anything to do with the outdoors. You will often find me out fishing at my lake for walleyes/bass and nearby rivers for catfish, shooting my bow on an old back road, skeet shooting or riding quads in the woods in the summer. Sitting in my blind duck hunting and goose hunting in the fall. This upcoming winter I will be trying shotgun turkey. This spring I will be going for bow turkey with my new Mathews bow I got in May. You may also find me snowmobiling almost every weekend when the snow starts flying! Where do I work? I put 50 hours in a week as a diesel mechanic for Caterpillar Machinery here in Fargo. I also work 25 hours for a radio station in town on top of that so I can afford the joys of hunting and snowmobiling. At the radio station I work events, such as concerts, hockey games, demo derbies, etc. I drive a big lifted Silverado to haul around my hunting and snowmobile goodies. In my spare time I run my own company, Sled Girlz. It's main focus is on other girls who ride too. We go to big events and try to interact with other girls with the same interest. I have recently noticed that whatever hobby I get into, I take every bit of it seriously. I always put 100% into everything I do in my life.
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