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Donate Deer – Feed The Hungry

Hunt Whitetail DeerI love to archery hunting Whitetail Deer, and I share this passion with my husband. We enjoy it so much that we often do it together and almost every single chance we can get during the season and Donate Deer. However along with this comes more meat than we can eat before the next season comes up. Often times we see dear and pass on them for a more challenging hunt and because we don’t like to take more than we can eat. Many time to manage the whitetail herds we like to weed out the older doe or cull buck. When we get more than we need there is a huge fix to having to much, we donate deer!

Venison is 100% natural

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Feed the Hungry

Many States like North Carolina, New York, Virginia, Maryland, Texas, TN, Georgia, Maine…offer “Feed the Hungry” programs or “Venison Donation Programs” or here in PA. is “Share a Deer“. You can google to get this information of your state or ask at a local deer processing facility or contact your Game Commission, DCNR. These places will take legally harvested buck or doe to donate to the needy for healthy, nutritious meals.

The Simple Rules

Now there are some simple rules to this but the common rule is to treat it like you were going to feed it to your family. Which means that you need to make a legal, ethical kill. You need to field dress it immediately and properly. You need to keep it at 40 degrees or below to eliminate the potential of bacterias. Drop the whole deer in hide off at a participating venison processor. You will likely be asked to fill out a Donate Deer form with basic information and this is no cost to you. Check your state for how the process goes but they are all very similar. Some places will take frozen packaged harvest all year long so check your freezer before meat becomes freezer burnt.

Where to Donate Deer

My husband and I have went a few steps outside the box. We have given harvests to friends that can no longer hunt due to illness, age or no means of getting out there. We have Hunting the Whitetail Deer bannergiven processed venison to non-hunting neighbors that may have done us a favor at times. Check with your local animal shelters for a Donate Deer location. My favorite thing each season is donating to our local animal shelter! Local animal shelters always have dogs and cats with illness and special needs that prevent them from eating processed foods. The fresh venison is a healthy meat for those animals.

Donate Deer

Lastly! Tell others about donating to feed the hungry. Share this post with your friends. Donate Deer It will make you feel very helpful, satisfied and warm inside!


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