DIY Homemade Arrow Saw with Dremel

homemade arrow sawI came across this video of a guy with his DIY Homemade Arrow Saw the other day and it never occurred to me that I could cut my own arrows at home! Now not saying that i would not cut my own arrows but normally I stock up each trip to places like BassPro or Cabbalas and it costs me nothing to have the retailer cut the carbon fiber arrows for me. To the right is an even simpler setup than the video, although maybe a little less adjustable.

Homemade Arrow Saw Video

The setup in the video seems so simple why didn’t i think of that? With a piece of a 2×4 some angle iron brackets, a Dremel and a diamond blade he is doing what the outdoor stores do in his basement. It is important no note that he is wearing a dust mask because of the carbon fiber dust and should be wearing safety glasses. That carbon fiber is not one thing that i would want in my eyes! Share this with your friends and maybe they have some ideas on how to improve on the design!

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