DIY Arrow Holder for Practice

DIY Arrow HolderJust like everything else, in Archery making that perfect shot takes practice. One of the biggest problems that I had with Practice was that there was no place to hold my arrows when shooting at the target. I decided today that a DIY Arrow Holder was in order.  When im doing a DIY project I always think of PVC first. With the right PVC and fittings you can almost build anything that your mind can think up. After a quick trip to the local Home Depot store and $11.96 later I was ready to build.

DIY Arrow Holder Parts List

  • VPC  3 in. x 2 ft. PVC Sch. 40 Pipe $6.98

VPC  3 in. x 2 ft. PVC Sch. 40 Pipe

  • NIBCO  3 in. PVC DWV Coupling $1.51


NIBCO  3 in. PVC DWV Coupling

  • 3 in. x 4 in. PVC DWV Closet Flange $3.47


Sioux Chief  3 in. x 4 in. PVC DWV Closet Flange

DIY Arrow Holder Assembly

Assembly is as easy as LEGO’s. I started by Placing the 3 in. x 4 in. PVC DWV Closet Flange into the bottom of the VPC  3 in. x 2 ft. PVC Sch. 40 Pipe. Sitting it flat on the ground i then placed the NIBCO  3 in. PVC DWV Coupling on the top of the VPC  3 in. x 2 ft. PVC Sch. 40 Pipe and you are complete. I did not apply any PVC cement in the event that I wanted to change it up in the future. I also took about 20 min and some leftover orange spray paint and we were ready to test it out.

DIY Arrow Holder CloseupPlacing my arrows inside the DIY Arrow Holder they fit perfect with just enough arrow sticking out for an easy retrieval. You might want to note that I have a 28 1/2 inch draw giving me 4 1/2 inches of arrow to work with sticking out of the arrow holder. If you have a shorter draw length and arrows you may have to trim your VPC Pipe to length.

The Closet Flange provides a stable base for the Arrow Holder and could be mounted to a deck or platform if need be to add more stability. I had no problem with stability in my testing but I will be adding a small bit of sand inside the DIY Arrow Holder to add more weight to keep it from tipping over.

For under $12 you cant beat it. Holding my 20 practice arrows and having room for many more it is well worth the time to build. I see me building 3 more for my two boys and my wife here very soon. Ill do an update after some more testing and let you know how my DIY Arrow Holder is holding up. Also be on the watch for a review of the 18 in 1 target from Rhino Targets.

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