Cordovan Klecker Knife, The Knife For You!

cordovan klecker knifeI have been carrying the Cordovan Klecker Knife everyday for a month now and I have to say that it is one of the nicest knives that I have ever owned! Everything from the style, design, and feel of the material scream quality! This knife has become my daily user since day one, and I am not looking back.

Cordovan Klecker Knife Features

Being an assisted deploy knife with a 3.63 inch blade it deploys and fits perfectly in my hand. If a larger knife is not for you it does have a little brother the Corodovan lite with a 2.88 inch blade that may be more your style.

cordovan klecker knifeSpecifications:

  • Extended Length: 8.56″ (217mm)
  • Closed Length: 4.89″ (124mm)
  • Weight: 5.8 oz (164g)
  • Materials: 2Cr13 SS and G-10 Stainless  Steel
  • Plain Edge
  • Drop Point Shape
  • Blade Length: 3.63″ (92mm)
  • Thickness: .111″ (2.8mm)

My Favorite Features

The Cordovan Klecker Knife features a Stainless Steel blade that holds an incredible razor sharp edge even after a months worth of hard use. I have cut everything from Cardboard to Branches with cordovan klecker knifethe Cordovan this past month and every time it slices like a hot knife in butter!

The assisted deploy and patented Klecker Lock Mechanism (Pat. #8443521) make the knife a breeze to deploy one handed. The locking mechanism holds the knife open no matter the force I applied to it. Its was a  surprising relief to not have to worry about the blade folding back on my fingers in heavy use.

The Cordovan Klecker Knife not only have these divots etched into the side of the handle that look great esthetically. The divots provide extra grip for superb handling when extra force is applied.

Is This The Knife For You?

MHAF ApprovedIf you are looking for quality, class and functionality then you need look no further. Everything from the Brass accents, G10 inlays and reversible clip scream quality and it isn’t lying! If the knife length is a little long for your purposes then pick up his little brother the Cordovan Lite with the same features! Swing by and pick your own up today at Klecker Knives.

After thorough testing  I am proud to give the Cordovan Klecker Knife the coveted MHAF Seal of Approval!

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