Copper Shark not your average Antimicrobial Copper tool

Copper Shark features an Antimicrobial Copper on rockI received the Copper Shark with its antimicrobial copper a month ago and it has become a proud member of my daily carry items ever since. I can say that I’m nothing but thoroughly impressed but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Cu Healthy Products LLC (Cu standing for the element copper on the periodic table) and Andy Pendley has been working in Afghanistan to support our Marines and the MRAP vehicles and donating Copper Sharks to some of the troops there.

Copper Shark Antimicrobial Copper Features

The Copper Shark features an Antimicrobial Copper that is the only touch surface material registered by the EPA to continuously kill more than 99.9% of bacteria that causes infections. The Copper Shark does not only kill bacteria once but works even after repeated exposure. Being made from medical grade Copper (MD-Cu29) the copper shark is made from recycled materials in the USA and is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. That all sounds good in my book!

Cant Touch This!

Copper Shark features an Antimicrobial Copper Handicap-Lever-Style-DoorMC Hammer had it right with his song! With an annual Healthcare System cost of 45 billion dollars attributed to HAI’s (Health care-associated infections) there is a reason more than ever to watch what you are touching! That 45 billion doesn’t even begin to include those that are exposed in the office or at home! With annual Health care costs on the rise and american tax payers footing the bill its time to look for cost effective solutions.

What did I touch today?

The best thing about having the Copper Shark ready to go in my pocket is that it makes me think more about the objects that I touch on a daily basis and how to reduce my exposure. Using it to open a door has become second nature wail reducing my exposure to germs. On a daily basis I am exposed to door handles, the ATM, Faucets, Toilets, various buttons and a ton of other objects that people have touched before me, so reducing my exposure is a monumental task that the copper shark came through with. Not only do I not have to touch most of these objects but I don’t have to worry about who touched them before me. So think to yourself “What did I touch today?”

Fit and Finish

Marine-and-Technician-with Copper Shark™Opening the box you get this shinny copper shark with an aggressive look on his face and a body that fits perfect in your hand. The next thing that you notice is that the feel of the sharks edges are rough and the points a little sharp. Although these edges are not sharp enough to cut you they are a little distracting and uncomfortable at times when first using the Copper Shark. After about a weeks use these sharp edges have wore down for the various uses and become smooth enough to not notice.

The Copper Shark maybe because of its size or because of the size of my pockets in my uniform seemed to keep getting stuck sideways and hard to remove. I solved this with a $1’s worth of Paracord added to the tail to give my fingers something to grasp at.
Although the copper shark comes all shiny and new, after some use you will notice the copper start to tarnish. This is nothing new when it comes to copper and although not a flow of the shark itself it does demising its looks. The tarnish of the copper can be removed with a little time and brasso your shark will have its shiny bight back!

Copper Shark Antimicrobial Copper tool Conclusion

Copper Shark Antimicrobial Copper tool daily carryIt’s not very often that items make it to the point where I carry them every day. Out of the 5 items that I normally carry in my pockets Im proud to name this the 6th item. Since I have started testing the Copper Shark and its antimicrobial copper, I have found two more uses for it. The sharks mouth makes a great bottle opener and the weight of the copper shark makes it a great self defense item, or an emergency window brake in the car. I am proud to give this product the MHAF seal of approval!

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