Concealed Carry The Numbers

concealed carryConcealed Carry has been near and dear to my heart for a number of year. Being permitted in 4 states and through a slew of firearms trainings inside and outside of the military I am proud of my proficiency. But why do I and should you Conceal Carry?

The Numbers

Shortly after President Obama’s election Concealed Handgun permits started to sky rocket from 4.6 million in 2007 to well over 15 million and counting in 2016. This number is not about to change anytime soon with an estimated 15.4% increase every year in concealed carry applicants. As it stands now 5.2% of the US population holds a permit with 5 states claiming to hold a 10% population of carry permit holders.

Not Just For Men

woman concealed carryConcealed carrying is no longer a manly activity! Since 2007 there has been an increase of 270% of women applicants. Women across America are joining in in protecting this great nation and no longer falling pray to would be attackers. I attribute most of this increase to branding by the NRA through ads and advertisements as well as firearms manufactures catering with a smaller brand of weapon that is suited more for smaller hands.

The More Concealed Cary Permits The Merrier

The Murder rate and violent crime rate have both dropped by 25% since 2007. With states with the largest increases of permit holders, seeing the largest decrease of violent crime! The bad guys think twice when there may be a gun on every hip. As Isoroku Yamamoto allegedly said after WWII “There is a gun behind every blade of grass”.

Responsible Concealed Carry

Concealed-Carry-Map-courtesy-usacarry.com_As Uncle Ben would say from spider man “With Great power comes great responsibility” An that holds true to this day. By obtaining your permit you to now have a great power that should always be welded for good. Concealed Carry holders across the country know this all to well, bing some of the most law abiding citizens that we have. You hold the responsibility to protect yourself and the lives of others in times of need. Although this is a great responsibility it should not keep you from expressing your constitutional right to bare arms and defend yourself.

To check your local Concealed Carry laws you can find a link under our state regulations pages. So get out there and get carrying!

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