Chikungunya Virus Spreads Throughout Hunting Grounds

Chikungunya Virus _US_July_140516Hunters face a new threat in the woods and in their back yards this year as the Chikungunya Virus spreads across the country! The Chikungunya Virus has been confirmed in at least six US states so far. The Chikungunya Virus causes headache, muscle pain, swelling, rashes and severe joint pain that could last for years! With no vaccine or known cure the Virus is spreading rapidly with nothing to stop it.

CDC Reports Chikungunya Virus

The CDC’s worst fears were realized when the virus arrived with travelers returning home from the Dominican Republic on May 17th and 29th in Rhode Island. Florida has been the worst hit by the Chikungunya Virus with the CDC reporting 25 cases thus far.

Infected States

As of June 17th the Chikungunya Virus has infected Arkansas, Calafornia, Connecticut, Flordia, Indiana, Maryland, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia. The virus is spread through mosquito to human contact or human to human contact.

Hunters Beware

mosquito on armThe spread of the Chikungunya Virus poses a specific threat to hunters in the woods this year due to the transmission through mosquito’s. The CDC is suggesting using insect repellent, wearing long sleeves and pants, and staying in places with air conditioning or that uses window and door screens.

With rare cases of the virus causing death this is nothing to shake a stick at! Once bit by an infection carrying mosquito you have anywhere from three to seven days till feeling any symptoms. Please share this with your friends and family to spread the word on this un-curable virus! Stay save and be aware of the Chikungunya Virus.

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