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Broken Links

broken linkMilitary Hunting and Fishing has recently ran into a website error causing a lot of our state page links to become broken or directed to the wrong location. Please bear with us as we work to resolve this issue. If you come across a broken link you can email it Here: Email 

We appreciate your patronage and your willingness to stick with us through these trying times. We hope to be fully link capable by the middle of next month. Until them please check your state regularly to see if we have corrected the issue. We will post an update on this post of our progress periodically! 


Very Respectfully

Gregory Beckman

Owner MHAF

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Gregory Beckman

About the Author:

Hi, I am Gregory Beckman, as the main owner of Military Hunting and Fishing let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I am currently an active duty member in the United States Coast Guard. I have been privileged to traveling the world. My experiences have shaped the way that I see the world and my memories will stick with me for a lifetime. Although I may not live in the country, the country lives in me. Traveling the world I have had the chance to experience the wonders of nature in many different places, meeting many different people and tasting wild game that the normal person would not get to experience. Although these experiences have kept me away from home, it has instilled a deep passion of hunting and fishing in my blood. Thank you for joining our site, and I look forward to interacting and sharing stories of our hunting adventures. Gregory A. Beckman
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