Blooming Blossoms and Bullet Bouquets

Bullet Bouquets Flower PotBuisness owner Anthony Zambai may have just turned a passion into an artform. After seeing a similar idea posted on Reddit and an overwelming amount of support, Mr. Zambai decided to open up shop and start creating Bloomin Bullet Bouquets of his own.

Anthony Zambi
“Sometimes you do something just a little crazy, right?  Well this is my crazy little venture.  It involves 3 of the things I love, art, shooting, and tinkering.”

Bullet Bouquets

These one of a kind bilistic bouquets are created using bullets in .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP.  Each flowerpot has an assortment of those calibers as well as at least one large .40 or. 45 flower in each bullet bouquets.

Using copper jacketed lead bullets fired through a gun and expanded. The lead is transformed and turned inside out. Once the bullets are recovered each one is soddered on the copper wire flower stem and clear coated making them mostly safe to handel. Mr. Zambai recommends keeping them out of reach of children and washing your hands after handling them just in case.

bullet bouquetsIts no all Bullits and Bills

Due to some state regulations on reloading supplies shipping of the completed flower pots are limited in some areas. States and countries such as California, Canada, Washington D.C. and Hawaii will be forced to create their own custom creations by buying the blooms. But for the rest of us in the USA we can go ahead and place our orders for some Bullet Bouquets as long as the ammo supply holds out.

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