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Jennie Alice Lillard was born and raised on the Mendocino coast of northern California, and graduated from Dominican University of California with a degree in writing. Jennie was introduced to fishing by her parents, who both fished commercially. At 8 years old she started tagging along on pheasant hunts, bird dogging for her dad and the other hunters; she has been wingshooting ever since. Jennie is passionate about introducing women to the outdoor sports and activities she loves, and writes articles that highlight the fishing and hunting opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.

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Pacific Bounty: Salmon from Sea to Supper

Pacific Bounty: Salmon from Sea to Supper

“It’s all in your perspective. We’ve never been hungry,” my mother told me. I’d asked her if we’d been poor when I was growing up. It’s a strange question, but I was born and raised in a town where over 20% of people are living below the poverty level. As a child, you don’t really […]

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