Army Corps to kill 16,000 double-crested Cormorants

Double-Crested CormorantsIn Portland on the Columbia river estuary Federal officials are planning a mass kill off of over 16,000 Double-Crested Cormorants. The Cormorants a black sea bird are eating too many young salmon and steelhead.

The Double-Crested Cormorants

The colony of Double-Crested Cormorants on East Sand Island near the mouth of the Columbia consumes about 11 million juvenile endangered salmon per year as it migrates through the river to the Pacific Ocean. The double-crested Cormorant are currently protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and are native to the Columbia area.

Despite efforts over the years to reduce the Cormorants populating it has increased from 100 breeding pairs in 1989 to over 15,000 breeding pairs this year. This explosion in cormorants constitutes to 40 percent of the region’s cormorant population in western North America!

The Army Corps of EngineersDouble-Crested Cormorants migration map

The Army Corps of Engineers proposes hunting and killing 16,000 Double-Crested Cormorants to bring the breeding pairs to under 5,600. The Corps plans to utilize night vision goggles and silenced rifles to hunt the birds at night during nesting then cover the eggs in an oil to help prevent hatching.

Once the Army Corps of Engineers have obtained their target colony size they are proposing to modify the terrain of East Sand Island to inundate some nesting habitats.

Save The Salmon

The Crested Cormorants is not the only nuisance in the fight to save the salmon and steelhead population. Federal officials have been killing off sea lions another protected species that has proven too difficult to scare off with non-lethal methods.

From the outside looking in there seems to be a battle waging and I think in the long run in this management war the salmon and steelhead are going to lose the battle.

The Double-Crested Cormorants are currently protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and are native to the Columbia area.

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