Anti-Hunters: Random Thoughts, Questions, and Facts

I do not personally know an anti-hunter.  I think about them sometimes, but I have never first pic for anti huntersmet anybody that told me to my face that they were against hunting.  I stopped hunting for seven years, but I did not turn into an anti-hunter.  Even though I was not hunting, I still supported hunters.  I am a hunter, but I consider myself a peaceful person.  I do not make threats against anti-hunters.  I do not wish anti-hunters any harm.  I do not understand anti-hunters.  I will share with you what runs through my mind, my own personal collection of Anti-Hunters:Random Thoughts, Questions, and Facts.

Do Anti-Hunters Ever Hunt?

The first question that comes to my mind when I think about anti-hunters is simply, “Do anti-hunters ever hunt?”  According to Merriam-Webster the following is the definition of the word, “hunt”:


verb \ˈhənt\

: to chase and kill (wild animals) for food or pleasure

: to search for something or someone very carefully and thoroughly



: an occasion when people hunt wild animals

: an act of searching for something or someone

: a group of people who hunt foxes together

Yes, I hunt wild animals in the woods for food.  We eat every animal that we harvest, we do not waste animals.  I also hunt for matching socks when I take the laundry out of the dryer.  I hunt for my car keys when I cannot find them.  I hunt for something to make for supper in the cupboards and freezer.  Do anti-hunters ever hunt?  Do they hunt for socks, keys, and something to make for supper?  Or do they search or look for those items?  Do you know any anti-hunters?  Did you ever hear them say that they were hunting for something?  If so, are they truly anti-hunters?

We have an Easter Egg Hunt every year for the children in our family. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The eggs didn’t do anything to anybody, but they get hunted anyway.  The children enjoy hunting the eggs and we enjoy watching the hunt.  Do anti-hunters have Easter Egg Hunts for their children?  Or do they have Easter Egg Searches?  Either way, those eggs are getting found.  Do the eggs deserve to be found?  Is there any harm to the eggs?  Do the eggs suffer?  We make egg salad out of the hard boiled eggs that we hide.  I’m not sure if the egg suffers in that process or not, but I do know that it makes delicious sandwiches.  I know that the candy inside the plastic eggs suffers if they do not get found, the candy melts!  I support Easter Egg Hunts.  I do not want any chocolate melting.  Do anti-hunters ever hunt?  Or do they let the candy melt and suffer? Do they hard boil eggs so that they may be decorated for an egg hunt?  Or is boiling an egg considered an act of cruelty?  Do they like watching the children hunt for the eggs?   Or do they not hide eggs for the children in their families?  Just one of the things that crosses my mind when I think of anti-hunters…

Google Search Results on Anti-Hunters

I decided to search images of anti-hunters on Google.  The image at the beginning of this article was the first imageanti-hunters on the Google image search.  As I scrolled down through the images, I saw pictures of Kendall Jones, Melissa Bachman, and other hunters posing with their harvests.  It seemed odd to me that the Google search results on anti-hunters included hunters posing with their harvests.  Seems to me as though the anti-hunters are not doing something right.  If they are against hunting, why are they using photographs of hunters and their harvest in their articles?  I didn’t see any pictures of anybody saving any animals or burning any guns.  I did see some images of people with signs against hunting.  I did not see any images of any anti-hunters standing in front of a deer or bear during hunting season to protect it from a bullet or arrow.  There are articles about the anti-hunters, but I did not read them.  I apologize for not reading the articles, in my mind a picture is worth a thousand words so I relied on the images from the search.

I did some research on anti-hunting organizations.  The Humane Society of the US (HSUS founded in 1954), 26thpresIn Defense of Animals (IDA founded in 1983), and People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA founded in 1980) are the main groups of anti-hunters that I found in the Google search results on anti-hunters.  Man had been hunting animals for many years before 1954; however, I could not find any anti-hunting groups dating back that far.  I could not find a specific spokesman or figure for the anti-hunters group.  I did find many familiar names of hunters including Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett, Ernest Hemingway, Saxton Pope, Art Young, Theodore Roosevelt, Tom Kelly, Chuck Adams, Jim Shockey, Eva Shockey, and Lee and Tiffany Lakosky.  I am sure that you recognize some of the names of the hunters.  Do anti-hunters think that they are all horrible people?  Roosevelt was the 26th President of the United States, do anti-hunters think poorly of one of our greatest Presidents because he was a hunter?

Man has been hunting animals for food and clothing since the beginning of time.  I could not find anyGenesis 27:3 anti-hunters dating back that far on my Google search results of anti-hunters.  I wonder if anybody was actually against hunting back then?  What would Daniel Boone have said if his wife scolded him for bringing home a deer that he harvested?  Would he have went and planted another row of corn instead?  I don’t think he would have, and I don’t think she would have scolded him.  I think she would have been thankful that he provided their family with food.  Could you imagine the Pilgrims having the first Thanksgiving without the turkey?  They did not have the luxury of going to the supermarket and purchasing a turkey, they had to go hunt a turkey in the wilderness to put on their table.  Hunting is a part of our heritage, a part of our history, it is a part of who we are and how our people survived.  I do not understand how anybody can disrespect the history of hunting by being against it in modern times.

Do Anti-Hunters Mean No Harm?

I did not write this article to harm anybody.  Anti-hunters share their views and I want to share my views.eva shockey  It saddens me when anti-hunters make negative comments.  An anti-hunter recently made a comment to Eva Shockey via Facebook and she responded with this quote, “An anti-hunter just told me, and I quote, to “kill that little worthless dog you have instead” of the bear I just hunted in NC. Apparently hunting a bear, eating/donating all of the meat and putting money towards conservation is a bad thing, but killing my puppy is ok. If this logic isn’t totally insane, I don’t know what is.”

I do not understand how or why anti-hunters make threats or suggest harm to hunters.  I do not understand why anti-hunters suggest harm to the families and pets of hunters.  If an anti-hunter is against hunting, you would think they would be against violence towards any animal or human.  Do anti-hunters mean no harm?  Or do they wish harm on the hunting community?  I do not understand anti-hunters.  Do they make negative comments and threats to draw attention to themselves?  I would not want to draw attention through negativity.  If somebody is paying attention to me, I hope that it is a positive experience.  I hope that reading this article was a positive experience for you.  I hope that Anti-Hunters:Random Thoughts, Questions, and Facts brought you no harm, because I did not mean any harm by sharing my personal thoughts.  Thank you for reading and happy hunting (even if it is for car keys) to you all!



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Hello, my name is Amy and I have lived in Central Pennsylvania all of my life. I was born into a family of outdoorsmen, hunting and fishing have always been part of my life. My dad started taking me hunting with him when I was a little girl. He also taught me how to fish for trout in local creeks. The first day of deer season and the first day of trout season were like holidays in our household. My grandfather enjoyed trapping and as a teenager I often went along with him to check the traps. Raccoons, red fox, and grey fox were harvested from the traps in the woods and muskrats were harvested from the traps by the Juniata River. I have many fond memories of trapping with my grandfather. I have enjoyed hunting small game and hunting whitetail deer in rifle season over the years. This year I am branching out and trying some new things. I went duck hunting in January and enjoyed it very much. I went spring gobbler hunting in May and loved it! I purchased a crossbow and will be entering the woods for white-tailed deer during archery season for the first time in October. I enjoy sharing my love of the outdoors with my family. Camping and kayaking are popular activities. I love to hunt and fish with my three nephews and my grandson. My two granddaughters enjoy fishing and hopefully they will show interest in hunting in the future. They love to go spotlighting for deer, and hopefully someday they will love to go hunting for them also.
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