Another weekend in the woods- Archery part 2

As stated in my last post this is my first year archery hunting with a compound bow. I have been very excited for archery season. The third week of archery in PA I was unable to go hunting because I was in a wedding that weekend. Yet the fourth weekend I was able to get up to my cabin in Perry County.

How my weekend unfolded:

Friday, October 24:

Our plan was to leave around 2pm to get up to our cabin for the night hunt. We loaded my father in laws truck and headed on our way. It takes about an hour and a half to get to our cabin. We hit a little traffic here and there and got to Blain. My father in law won a new Remington .308 rifle at a raffle from the local sportsman club so on our way to the cabin we stopped at the store for him to pick up the gun. He was eager to sight in his new gun! By the time we arrive to the cabin it is 400/430. Our plan was to hunt one of our new farms that I hadn’t got to hunt yet, but my husband had. As we drove by we saw two other trucks at the area we wanted to go to. So as we continued up the road we tried to figure out where we wanted to go. After discussing the pros and cons of other areas we (my husband & I) could go we decided to hunt this field just below our cabin. As we started getting ready to walk out to the spot we wanted to go, it was another hunter walking right in the middle of the field. We watched the other hunter to see where he was going and decided if we wanted to hunt the same area or head for game lands. Two different hunting spots gone. What do we do? We decided to stay at the field. Walk up right along the edge next to the wood line and field and see if we could find a good spot. About 75 yards into our walk we found it. Right along the edge of the property sat this little area with tons of rocks and dead logs giving us perfect coverage from behind and a great view of the corn field. Unfortunately, we did forget one key thing for this weekend. It was early muzzleloader season. We heard a few close by shots, but nothing to warrant us to be overly excited as the sun began to set. We heard cracking behind us. I assumed it was those stupid squirrels behind us all night just annoying me. Then  you heard that infamous sound….a snap of twig. Not a twig that would be from a squirrel, but from a deer. I grabbed my bow (which was already set and ready to go) clipped the hook of my release to my loop and slowly got up to turn around to see what was behind me. SMASH CRASH BOOM!!! BUSTED!!! 2 fawns from this past spring behind me. They completely busted me and off they went. I assumed I wouldn’t see anything the rest of the night. Momma wouldn’t be coming back near me anytime soon. She was a very wise doe. She sent her two little ones to come  and spy as she stayed back. LOL. So the evening sky set in and we backed up and started back to camp. As we rounded the trees there she was momma and her two little ones. All I could think to myself was you have got to be kidding me. There she is straight on staring as us looking like I got you suckers. I waited till dark to come out now you can’t shoot me. 

Saturday, October 25:

I woke up at 3am to get breakfast started and my morning was shot from the start. I woke up with a migraine and was to my wonderful content throwing up. I informed my husband and our crew I was not going out this morning and back to bed I crawled. As the day went on I started to feel a little better, but still not great. I debated to go out for the evening hunt. That day my husband and our friend Shawn had gone over to go speak with one of the owners of the land we hunt about a couple things. Shawn was going to go hunting for squirrels for his dad (he is dying of cancer and wants squirrel pot pie in the worse way) he was told a good spot to go by the land owner and a friend of his. They would not be hunting their tonight as they were headed to the Penn State game that evening. We decided sure why not try it out. We hadn’t been to that part of the land before and it seemed like a nice spot. As we walked a long the wood line we saw a few rubs that looked fresh. We found the gentleman’s tree stand that he told us to hunt by and found a spot to hunt. Shawn went down further as to not interrupt the archery hunting. This night also, turned out to be uneventful. Especially since we decided to leave during prime time because we discovered a hunter had come in behind us only 5o yards with his muzzleloader. We had no clue he had even come in. This really made me mad! I am thinking give us a heads up. You can see my back is too you and I am in orange. Whistle do something to let me know you are there with a  gun behind me. We backed up and walked up towards Shawn. There we saw the biggest scrape any of us had ever seen. Shawn told us that he sat down and just a few  minutes later 5 doe appear and then comes this amazing 8 point buck following. He made that scrape right in front of Shawn. I couldn’t believe it that could have been me. Because I wanted to hunt their, but my husband was insistent that we hunt by this other tree stand the guy told us to use. I tried to persuade him a this would be a good spot. Its right next to a cut cornfield and a corn field that was still up, plus it was right next to a logging road. But what do I know I am still a rookie. Well we walked out to our truck and their was the end to another weekend of hunting.

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I can still remember the first time I shot clay pigeons with my family, I was about 8 or so and I can remember my dad standing behind me helping me aim and shoot. He also, was making sure that I wouldn’t fall over from the recoil of the shot gun. Which at that time I didn’t understand, but now years later I understand why he taught me what he did on that day. I couldn’t wait to get my hunting license and go out with my dad’s family hunting. He grew up near Philadelphia so my uncles and cousins would come down from Philadelphia and go hunting on the farms around our house. I can remember them all in orange and putting on drives and I would watch them from my bedroom window until they got past the horizon and I couldn’t see them anymore. I couldn’t wait to do the same. As I got older my interest in hunting started to disappear, but when I was 16 I meet my now husband and without him even knowing he started teaching me about hunting. Just from listening to his stories him and his dad would tell. However, what really got my interest in hunting was this past summer I started working for a small hunting store in my home town and hearing people the stories some of the guys in the store talk about their adventures really peaked my interest. So this year I finally convinced my husband to take me hunting.I am hoping as I start this new journey that you all are excited to hear from a newbie and watch me get my first doe, turkey, or maybe even be lucky enough to get a buck.
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