Alpha Outpost The Real Man’s Gift Box

alpha outpostAlpha Outpost is not your mothers subscription box. This is a box for men! We all have seen the market flooded with everyday subscription services such as What ever shave club and whos its flower pattern shirt of the week, but until I had yet to see one that focused on Men being Men.

Where is my man box?

Alpha Outpost Solves this very problem. Every month there boxes are packed full of manly goodness that any manly man would enjoy. At the end of December I received the Gentleman’s Box. With subscriptions starting at $39.95 I was a little skeptical at first of what type of content would be in the box.

Alpha Outpost inside the Box

This box was packed full of goodies! Upon opening the box I was impressed by how nicely packaged and arranged that the box was. I don’t know who designed the packaging but they needs a raise! Everything was neat and tidy in smaller boxes. Below is an unboxing video.


List of Goodies!

  1. Alpha Outpost Review9 Whiskey stones with carrier box $11.99
  2. 2 Whiskey Glasses $16.00
  3. Tactical Pen $19.99
  4. 4oz bag of BRCC Coffee $9.99
  5. Field Notes Notebook $5.00
  6. Menu Card $1.00
  7. 1 Tube Burts Bees Lip Balm $3.30
  8. Portable Power Bank $19.99
  9. Wooden Grooming Comb $8.97
  10. Men’s Black Tie $7.50
  11. White Silk Handkerchief $3.00
  12. Steel Flask $9.25
  13. ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card $19.99

With a total value of $135.97  at a price of only $39.95 is a great value. Having had the time to thoroughly test each of these lets run down the list. Almost everything in the box featured the great Alpha Outpost A logo that I though was a great touch of branding genius and gave everything that quality appeal.

The Good

Alpha Outpost boxThe 9 whiskey stones were more than enough to chill drinks in the 2 provided glasses. I had no issue chilling or using the whiskey stones or glasses. The glasses are heavy and had a great feel. The 4oz bag of BRCC Coffee didn’t last very long in my house. BRCC Coffee had a great flavor and a good bit of kick compared to the maxwell house that I am use too. The Field notes book is one of the handiest things that I think was in the box! As a hunter and a military member I don’t leave home without one. There are so many uses for a pocket note book that I could do a post just on that!

The second most useful item was the Lip Balm. As you all know there are many outdoor uses for lip balm not to mention that it is great for chapped lips on those cold hunting days. The wooden comb Black Tie and White Handkerchief gave the whole box that James Bond feel. Although I don’t see me using the white Handkerchief anytime soon it is always nice to have on hand. Maybe the next wedding I attend it will have its place.

The Steel Flask is always a good item to have on hand for those long cold ice Fishing trips or that BYOB party or concert. The added engraving on the flack was a nice touch giving it a classy feel. By the way, look at the packaging!

The Bad

Ok well not really bad but just something that I felt was missing. The Tactical Pen’s construction was excellent, the springs function on the inside housing of the pin part was lacking. Although the pen functions it is rough in the extracting the ballpoint. Alpha Outpost is not responsible for this and maybe I just got a flawed spring. The Shining product in this box had to be the Portable Power Bank, Although for me I didn’t know what it was right off the bat and it seemed out of place with no markings. I would have liked to see the Alpha Outpost Logo here or at least something  on it to recognize what it was. After testing the Power Bank I am more than impressed and it now has a home in my daily work bag. Charging my phone with no problem and quicker than any other power bank that I have tried.

The last two items the menu card and the ReadyMan Hostage Escape Card were nice little additions in the box. I like the little cards and have some of them in my hunting pack just in case. Keeping with the James Bond feel these escape cards were the lock pick set. Next time I lock the keys in the garage maybe ill try it out. The menu card featured some great Drink recipes and the 10 rules for a gentleman, Being a gentleman already and a master of making drinks I had very little use for this item. For the expiring Gentleman wannabe this would be a handy little card to learn from, I just had no use for it.


MHAF ApprovedFrom my experience I see a good bit of value in the box. Packed full of fun items and well worth the $39.95 that I would have spent. Being a startup Veteran Owned Business I look forward to seeing what Alpha Outpost comes up with. if you are the guy that likes having monthly gadgets and gear, or looking to give a cool gift to that man in your life than I don’t think you would go wrong. I also believe that my 13 yo son would love some of the boxes that they had in the past (Excluding this one). As a former Boy Scout and outdoorsman like his dad, he is always looking for new items to throw in his pack. I really did have fun reviewing these items (Especially the whiskey part) So I offer Alpha Outpost the coveted MHAF Seal of Approval! Congrats Guys and to many more boxes to come! Get yours today Here.

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