Alberta To Ban Atlatl’s

atlatl types Ban Atlatl'sNothing makes me madder then when hunters are hating on hunters and here is just another case. Alberta To Ban Atlatl’s as well as define what a legal hunting weapon is! This surprising proposal didn’t come from an anti-hunter it came from one of their very own.

ABA Proposed Changes

In Alberta Canada the Alberta Bowhunting Association (ABA) proposed changes to the Legal Hunting Weapons list in May of 2013. The ABA meant for these changes to remove primitive weapons like the Spear and Atlatl’s from the list of authorized legal hunting weapons. These proposed changes will not be the only thing for review the AGAMG (Alberta Game Management Advisory Group) will also be reviewing what e legal big game hunting equipment will be authorized.

The AGAMG has decided without the support of the community that Atlatl’s and spears are to be banned as well as a review on other primitive weapons. Other than the spear and atlatl, the longbow recurve bow and most muzzle loaders fall under the primitive weapons category and may be next on the chopping block!

Although there have been many successful hunts with the atlatl it seems that this primitive weapon is getting banned based on the fact that it is a primitive weapon. Let us remember that the without the atlatl there would be no modern weapons. The atlatl was the primary means for our species to hunt with on every continent at one point of time or another in history.

So when I hear phrases like Alberta To Ban Atlatl’s this peaks my curiosity as to why would they even consider doing such a thing? Alberta is not the only area planning to ban atlatl’s, right here in the USA some states that have fought upwards of 12 years to get it on the approved list are now coming under fire and having to fight for their right to hunt!

Ban Atlatl's partsThe Ethical Kill

Every weapon has limitations and the atlatl is no exception! It is the hunters ethical duty to know his limitations of not only the weapon but himself. Even the most modern firearm can cause an unethical kill when put in the hands of a person that lacks comprehension and training with his/her weapon of choice. Hunters across the globe make unethical kills each year but that give us no reason to ban the weapon for what the person did.

I would dare say that the people wanting to hunt with an atlatl have put their training time in. The atlatl is not a weapon that people jump right into hunting with nor is it a weapon that offers forgiveness to the user. To make a shot even at close quarters requires a good bit of experience and expertise with the weapon and sways most people from wanting to hunt with it. The atlatl community although not as big as the bow community has just as much of a right to hunt as anyone else.

atlatl throwFighting Amongst Ourselves and Ban Atlatl’s

When we start fighting amongst ourselves about, “what hunting style is more ethical” or “what everyone should hunt with”, there are no winners. Defining Legal Hunting Weapons is a slippery slope that will lead to no hunting weapons in a very short time. We need less regulation and more enforcement not more regulation and less enforcement. With Alberta to ban atlatl we will see other phrases like Alberta to ban black powder, or muzzle loaders. We in both the USA and Canada need to stand together or fall divided. Go help, he is fighting the good fight to save the Atlatl in Alberta and now it’s our turn to help save the Atlatl in the US.

For full Atlatl regulations by state visit: Atlatl State Hunting Laws

To voice your complaints to the AGAMG about the Ban Atlatl’s Visit:


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