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 I am glad that you are interested in advertising with us. We at Military Hunting and Fishing take great pride in providing a one stop shop for all things outdoor information related. We have spent years building a wealth of information and a strong brand following, not only on the web, but through social media as well.

MHAF-Demographics Overview Google AnalyticsReceiving routinely 10,500 page views per day, we are in a position to put your advertisements in front of targeted traffic whom are gearing up for a trip to the outdoors! Not only do we have targeted traffic but with our social media followings we can deliver advertisements to 10 million timeline deliveries monthly. A lot of our social media promotions come in the way of a session that we created for outdoors man and women we call #Huntchat.

Powerful Tracking for Hashtags #Huntchat#Huntchat is an open forum hunting discussion that we hold twice a week on Twitter. During #Huntchat we normally see over 500k viewers and on good nights we can reach well over 10 million timeline deliveries. This is something that we pride ourselves on, and provides exposure of your product to a demographic that you might not otherwise reach.

Unlike other advertisers such as Google Ad’s where you will pay a premium for each view of your ad, we charge a flat rate fee monthly. 1000 views on google ads may cost $15 and last merely minutes. In direct contrast with MHAF you are not charged per views or clicks, your ad will stay up regardless of the number of views or clicks.

Through our recognition as an expert in our field we are often sought after for advice on what services to use in each state. Until now we could not recommend a service. So become a part of the MHAF family and advertise on your state page to become the go-to resource for outdoorsmen in your state!

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