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Military Hunting and Fishing (MHAF) is a website dedicated to Active duty Military and Veteran members that enjoy the love of outdoors. We pride ourselves on providing a complete state regulation database, interactive user experience, and community mindset on our site!

We are growing not only in members but information daily, constantly upgrading our site to better meet our user’s needs.

MHAF started as a collection of information for my friend, family and myself. Quickly I realized that the information we had compiled was not easily accessible to Military members and their families. The result of our research proved that the lack of easily locatable programs that honor military members and vets needed to be documented. Each State categorizes and presents this information in its own unique way, often becoming a frustrating adventure.

MHAF is constantly expanding in information, growing in members, and improving our site to provide a fully interactive and enjoyable experience to our members. As an active duty member myself, I strive to bring the best that I can to my brothers and sisters in arms, and to their families and friends! As we expand we are constantly looking for contributors and partners to Help with our growth in information and knowledge.

Our partner’s list is a small start to our ever growing plan to help the Hunting and Fishing members expand their views of the community and help support the people that share our love of the outdoors! If you are interested in joining our community then please feel free to visit our Partners page. Our Link partners are some of the best in the Hunting and Fishing information and service industry.

Here at MHAF we are constantly looking towards the future and what we can provide our members over the coming months and years. As we expand gaining more members, partners, and sponsors we plan to pass on discounts, gear, and trip give-a-ways.

I would like to personally thank you for joining Military Hunting and Fishing. If you have any advice or comments on the page be sure to send us a message using the message widget that comes with your account or email me us at; MilitaryHuntingandFishing@gmail.com

Owners of MHAF

Hi, I am Gregory Beckman, as the main owner of Military Hunting and Fishing let me tell you a little bit more about myself. I am currently an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard. I have been an active duty member for 12 years and counting, traveling the world, and defending my country! My experiences have shaped the way that I see the world and these memories will stick with me for a lifetime.

Although I may not live in the country, the country lives in me. Traveling the world I have had the chance to experience the wonders of nature in many different places, meeting many different people, and tasting wild game that the normal person would not get to experience. Although these experiences have kept me away from home, it has instilled a deep passion for hunting and fishing in my blood.

Thank you for joining our site, and I look forward to interacting and sharing stories of our hunting adventures.

Gregory A. Beckman




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