5 Picks for the Modern Deer Hunter

5 Picks for the Modern Deer HunterSuccessful deer hunting relies a lot on execution, but the bulk of what makes one successful is preparation. After all, having the best aim in the world doesn’t mean a darn thing if you’ve got a crappy gun, or if you don’t have what you need to last out in the woods for a few hours. You are going to need a durable water source, some quality scentless soap, a good pair of binoculars, a good trail camera, and a rifle that will do the job. Here are our top 5 Picks for the Modern Deer Hunter that you could bring to a hunt in 2016.

Hydro Flask – A Durable Water Solution

Whether it’s the warmer early season or the colder late season, you’re going to want some water on your person at all times, and you’re going to want that water in a bottle that can withstand most any weather. After all, you don’t want your cold water going warm on hot days, or freezing on those cold ones. For that, there are a number of water bottles out there that are designed for long periods of outdoor use, but the Hydro Flask is one of the best outdoor water bottles you can buy. The best thing about the Hydro Flask is just how well it retains liquid temperature during intense weather conditions. And while most deer hunting isn’t done in intense weather conditions, it’s always important to be prepared for such times. Additionally, the bottle just feels really nice to lug around, as it has quite a bit of heft to it, especially compared to other water bottles. The weight, durability, and the ability to retain temperature really makes the Hydro Flask an ideal item to have on deer hunts.

Baking Soda – A Great “Soap” Solution

Maintaining a natural scent on the hunt is one of the most important things a hunter can do to keep his or her cover, and while there are hunter-specific body and clothing soaps designed to kill human scents, they can be rather expensive. Luckily, one of the best ways to keep clean and scentless is also one of the least expensive, and it’s technically not even a soap! Baking soda, with its natural odor-neutralizing properties, is ideal for any deer hunt.

Using baking soda to clean your clothes and yourself is a great way of cutting back your scent profile if you know how to do it right. If you mix baking soda with cheap, unscented body soap, you’ll be able to keep yourself scentless. Baking soda can also be used as a detergent when washing hunting clothes. As for deodorant solutions, baking soda also has uses in this regard; simply use baking soda on the places of your body that gather the most moisture (namely, your underarms and in your shoes) to keep a neutral scent. Placing it #2 in our 5 Picks for the Modern Deer Hunter.

Bushnell H2O Compact Binoculars – Big Eyes in a Small Package

bushnell-h2o-compact-binocularsUsually, when going out into rough terrain, you’re going to want your equipment to be small and easy to carry. This is especially true of binoculars, which are invaluable for spotting targets from long distances. I mean, if they weren’t, what would they be good for? In any case, you’re going to want a compact pair of binoculars that work just as well as the larger, more fully-featured ones, and the Bushnell H2O Compact Binoculars are some of the best out on the market right now. They’re easy to carry around, with a durable design and a noted resistance to fog and rain.

The Bushnell H2O Compact Binocular can also take quite a beating during harsh weather, which is something not normally seen in compact binoculars. Given that Bushnell is one of the premiere trail camera makers of today, it would only make sense that their binoculars would be just as durable and easy to use.

Bushnell 12MP Trophy Cam HD Essential – The Best Eyes Outside of Your Head

bushnell-12mp-trophy-cam-hd-essentialOn the subject of trail cameras, Bushnell’s also pretty good at making those! Trail cameras are all but essential in today’s hunter’s repertoire, and the Trophy Cam HD Essential is, well, pretty essential. Sure, it’s not the best camera that can be bought with money today, but it’s certainly the best one for those who aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg just to mount a few cameras here and there making it perfect for our 5 Picks for the Modern Deer Hunter.

The Trophy Cam HD Essential is a more stripped down version of Bushnell’s other HD cameras (like the HD Aggressor and the HD Vital), but it still has all of the functions one could ask for from a trail camera. It’s durable, sleekly designed and capable of 720p video capture. The 12 megapixel camera makes for some high resolution pictures as well, in both color and black-and- white for those nighttime shots. Best of all, the camera is able to run well on the 8 AA batteries it requires, working off of them for a full year. At a price point at around $100, they’re the best trail cameras out there for the price.

Remington 783 – Reliable Rifle for Bagging Bucks

remington-783Of course, if you’re going to go deer hunting, you’re going to need a quality firearm to get the job done, right? Well, I guess you could use a bow, but many hunters prefer rifle hunting, and we prefer the Remington 783 for our hunting needs. Not too showy, functional, reliable, and quite affordable, the Remington 783 has got quite a bit of bang for the buck, and I obviously mean that in more ways than one.

This rifle has an adjustable trigger tension, making it easy to make changes based on what’s comfortable for you. With the stock being made out of synthetic material, the 783 is also quite light, but durable. The scope also works quite well and is easy to adjust. While some have reported the range isn’t the best, with a drop-off point at around 300 yards, it’s well suited for most types of deer hunting. The Remington 783 is a rifle best for many varieties of hunters, and you usually won’t need better unless you’re absolutely picky with rifle selection.


This is, more or less, our ideal line-up of the 5 Picks for the Modern Deer Hunter should go forth with. Have a durable source of water on hand, like with the Hydro Flask! Don’t forget to wash and deodorize with baking soda! Carry a good pair of compact binoculars, and have a few good trail cameras to spot your prey. There, Bushnell’s got your back. And, finally, have a good rifle on hand. Remington’s 783 is perhaps the best rifle you’ll be able to find for less than half a grand. If you’re properly equipped to hunt deer, you’ve already won half the battle with the bucks!

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