4th annual #huntchat Trivia Winners

Man what a great time we had with #Huntchat trivia month this year! I always enjoy #Huntchat trivia month it is the one time of year that I get to giveaway some great prizes and pick everyones brain with some hard Outdoor related questions!

huntchat logo 3Sponsors of Huntchat

Id like to thank all our Sponsors this year for all their great donations! Without our sponsors every year #Huntchat Trivia just couldn’t happen. During trivia month we had over 40million timeline deliveries.

Together With our Sponsors we gave away over $1000 in prizes!

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 Huntchat Trivia Winners

Special thanks to The Pursuit to the Plate for teaming up with us this year on #Huntchat to announce the winners! If your not a member of their podcast then you are missing out on some vital info! The Pursuit to the Plate is one of my favorite podcasts and i’m sure it will be yours too!  If you have the time check out the episode on Anti-Hunters where I was a guest speaker and we had a ton of fun!


  1. @Flintlocker: Won an Alberta Atlatl, Orange MHAF Hat, A $200 Hydrodipmasters gift card and  an xl pink MHAF tee.
  2. @WestAugusta: Won a 2lb bag or Raks Big Game minerals, A Bottle of Wolf Premium Gun Oil, and 1 Scope Shield.
  3. @RedlineDefense: Won an MHAF Orange Tee, a 2lb bag or Raks Big Game minerals,A Bottle of Wolf Premium Gun Oil, and an RRR Gun Rest.
  4. @88Husker: Won A Custom Turkey Call, A Southpond Waterfowl Tee shirt, decal and cooler, pluss A 1lb bag Point Blank Coffee.
  5. @BamaHunterRTR: Won An Ultimate Deer Hanger, A Bottle of Wolf Premium Gun Oil, an Orange MHAF  hat.
  6. @Johngutierrez1: Won an Ozark Custom Calls pen and t-shirt, and an RRR Gun Rest.
  7. @Gaillynno: Won a pink MHAF hat, and a Raks Big Game minerals Tee and Decal.
  8. @AmySward: Won a Big Red Outdoors Tee shirt and decal, and a 1lb bag of Point Blank Coffee.
  9. @KKKrag: Won an RRR Gun rest, , and a Raks Big Game minerals Tee and Decal.
  10. @albertaatlatl: Won a pink MHAF hat, and a 1lb bag of Point Blank Coffee
  11. @EidenQueen: Won A Jerky Dynasty jerky kit.
  12. @BrianBelko: Won a Raks Big Game minerals Tee and Decal.
  13. @CDN_Bowhunter: Won A Jerky Dynasty jerky kit.
  14. @Pinkarrowslinger: Won an MHAF Pink Shirt.

The next 16 people in placement will be receiving a #Huntchat decal from me in the mail shortly. If I asked for your address you can expect something coming in the mail. I look forward to seeing you all on #Huntchat when we resume in October.

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